What’s your hold policy?

Kits will be reserved on a first in / first out basis based upon deposits received. Paypal is our preferred method of placing a deposit. Deposits can be placed once available rabbits are announced.  If you place a deposit and later decide not to take the rabbit, the deposit is non-refundable.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

Niswonger Farms guarantees the rabbit to be free from disease and free of health defects at the time of sale. Should the rabbit die or exhibit signs of disease within two weeks of sale, upon documented proof of a genetic condition found during necropsy or exam by a licensed veterinarian at the expense of the buyer, we will replace the rabbit with a comparable animal if such an animal is available (refund will be issued if no suitable replacement is available). No refund or replacement will be made if death or illness of the rabbit is caused by improper housing, feeding, or care provided by the buyer.

Do you ship?

Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer.  If air cargo is used we can offer transport to the Orlando (MCO) terminals for $75.

What does a rabbit come with?

All of our rabbits come with transition feed (pellet mix and timothy hay) that will last at least one week, a transition care sheet, and *pedigree.

*Rabbits that are purchased as pet quality will not come with a pedigree, and are priced accordingly.