About us

We are a Flemish Giant Rabbit breeder located in Summerfield, FL working to improve the breed as outlined by the (ARBA) American Rabbit Breeder Association‘s (SOP) Standards of Perfection. We strive to breed the best show quality rabbits for ARBA, 4H, and FFA competitions. Niswonger Farms is a proud member of the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders.

The main focus we have for our rabbits are the black, blue, fawn, and light gray varieties.

At this time we are not selling any rabbits to the public.  If this changes in the future we will update the page.

The National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders and its Executive Board only recognize the Seven Varieties (colors) of Flemish Giants presently approved and listed in the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Standard of Perfection. The recognized colors are:




light gray


steel gray


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